Nose Blackheads

The nose is the one of the most common places for blackheads to appear on, this can be especially frustrating as the nose is such a prominent feature on the face. Although blackheads anywhere on the face can be annoying!

What is a blackhead?

If you take blackheads at face value, they are little black dots on the skin, they appear to be trapped dirt. However, a more scientific analysis suggests blackheads form when a pore in the skin becomes blocked by excess oil, dirt or sebum. Despite popular belief it is NOT dirt.

The trapped material then becomes oxidized and turns a black color and hence it gains the name of “Blackhead”.

How to get rid of nose blackheads

Many people as soon as they see a blackhead will attempt to squeeze it out with their fingers, however most of the time this will just make it worse and could possibly lead to the blackhead becoming infected. To find out more about infected blackheads, Infected blackheads.

Furthermore, because of the shape of the nose, using this method to remove blackheads can be quite tricky. And although sometimes it may remove the blackhead, it is definitely not the best way to treat them, you could end up making it worse. For example, by squeezing and pinching around the pore, you could actually push the plug deeper into the pore or damage the pore itself.

So, how do i cure my nose blackheads then?

One of the best methods that i personally use are Clay Masks, they are so easy to apply and I’ve seen some great results. However, they do not work for everybody. I find these work particularly well with nose blackheads as they’re normally deep in the pores. Clay masks work by grabbing dirt/excess oil from the pore and when you wash it off, the blackheads come away too.


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