Looking for the best acne cure?

Acne is a problem that can affect us all, whether we are young, old, or middle aged. It’s a perennial blight on ones skin that looks unsightly, and leads to upset and concern on the sufferer.

However, it is mainly the blight of teenagers, those growing through to adulthood, and that’s a time in life when you want to look your best, not be disfigured by acne-troubled skin.

The number of acne treatments on the market is vast, and the choice can be seen as too much to make a decision. Often, picking a treatment will be akin to taking a gamble, but there are some reputable remedies on the market.

Ask around before you buy an acne cure

Before you choose, it is worth asking around friends and family, or having a look at some online reviews, as this can give you a guide as to what is effective and what may not be. Asking around may save you money in the long run, as you refrain from buying cure after cure in an effort to find the one that works.

A popular and widely advertised remedy, handy as it is prescription exempt, is called ProActiv, and it gets regular good reviews. ProActiv is not just a lotion, but an entire system that incorporates cleanser and toner as well. The system, like many, uses benzoyl peroxide as the active ingredient, and is effective according to reports.

Prescription treatment is available

If you wish to go the prescription route, many people recommend Retin-a, an application that has many uses in skin treatment and is effective with the treatment of acne, or Accutane, a remedy that is prescribed only for very serious case thanks to its prodigious strength.

Many sufferers prefer to stay away from the medicated remedies, and look to alternative medicine for the way out, with essential oils, herbal remedies, being a popular choice.


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