How to get rid of acne?

An acne treatment is something that varies from a type of acne to another and from a person to another. It is best not to listen to any unauthorized advice because even if it’s not on purpose, the person giving you a tip about an acne treatment that worked for him/her may do you a lot worse than good; the treatment that your friend used to get rid of acne can work for you if you’re lucky, but there are small chances for that to happen.

So, stop believing everything you hear and start asking opinions and suggestions from people entitled to give them. There are many places where you can find a proper advice about how to heal acne; for instance, some doctors realized that teenagers prefer surfing the internet in their quest for an acne treatment instead of going to a doctor’s office.

The acne treatment can be very diverse; there are home made solutions that you can use (the most frequent ingredients used to prepare those treatments are cinnamon powder and honey, fresh garlic, juice of one lemon and rose water, echinacea, calendula, tea tree oil, and goldenseal). although home made acne treatments aren’t very powerful and the effects are very late, you can be sure that the possibility of dangerous side-effects is almost non-existent.

For non-inflammatory acne consisting in comedones (black-heads) there are a few treatments based on efficient substances like: azelaic acid, Salicylic Acid, retinoids, benzoyl peroxide.

Treating the inflammatory acne (cysts, papules) is something a little more complicated mostly because of the acne type: it can be mild inflammatory acne or severe inflammatory acne.

For those suffering from a mild form of inflammatory acne, there are recommended treatments containing substances such as: benzoyl peroxide or retinoids, topical antibiotics (such as erythromycin), benzoyl peroxide or topical retinoids combined with oral antibiotics (tetracyclines).

If none of the above work then it is clear that the acne case is not a mild one and you must try something more powerful. although, there is something more worth mentioned here: if you start an acne treatment you should stick with it at least 2-3 months; those products that are supposed to resolve your acne problem in a week are most likely going to be a huge disappointment and a waste of money.

The efficient treatments are those that have effects that last also after you stop using them. So it is really important to give some time to the treatment you have started because there are no miracle treatments to get rid of acne or for any other medical problem whatsoever. For those who have had no results with the suggestions for the moderate acne, there are some other treatments, more powerful like isotretinoin, or contraceptive pills with cyproterone for women with virilization or drospirenone.

The products containing these substances are mostly recommended by doctors; those are powerful treatments that taken without someone’s supervision, can be very dangerous.

There are cases of acne that can not be cured with these medicines; those are the cases when surgery is recommended. Laser surgery is not a very new method for acne treatment, but it is the newest. In fact, the technique has evolved so much that it is no longer used only to get rid of acne, but also to prevent it.

This was only a brief description of the possibilities you have at your disposal when deciding to treat acne. Don’t be afraid to start a treatment, because eventually you will get rid of acne with a little perseverance.


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