Blackhead Myths

Myth: Having blackheads means you’re dirty and don’t wash!

Fact: Blackheads are not caused by dirt! Blackheads get their black colour from the excess skin pigment in the pores which then becomes oxidised.

Myth: Washing your face a lot will help get rid of blackheads

Fact: Blackheads ARE NOT CAUSED BY POOR HYGIENE! Despite popular belief, blackheads are not caused by dirt; don’t believe television commercials when they tell you that “pores can get blocked by impurities”. Washing your face too much will actually do the opposite of what you intended, by irritating skin and cause them to become clogged up.

Myth:  Blackheads are contagious!

Fact: There is no way you can catch blackheads off someone, it is not contagious at all!

Myth: Having sex or masturbation will cause acne.

Fact: Old wives tale, it was to discourage the young from participating in these activities, not a bit of truth in them, you’ll be happy to hear!

Myth:  Blackheads are linked to diet.

Fact: Many extensive and highly-funded research programmes have looked into this myth, and the same conclusion has come from them all; blackheads are not related to diet.
That means;

  • Chocolate
  • French fries
  • Pizza
  • Milk

None of these can be linked to causing blackheads, but still excess amounts of these foods  will make you have a bad diet, so best to cut back on them anyway.

Myth: Tanning with get rid of acne

Fact: Sure, tanning with darken your skin and therefore acne will be become less noticeable, but that doesn’t mean its gone!

But spending too much time in the sun will cause your skin to become irritated and burnt, which can worsen the effects of acne and also, more importantly, it will increase your chance of getting skin cancer.


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