Adult Onset Acne

Acne is one of the most common skin disorders and unfortunately is not just confined to teenagers.

Approximately 80% of all adults suffer with a mild to moderate acne. Adult acne can be more difficult to treat than teenage acne and more women suffer from it than men. Adult acne affects different areas of the face. Most teenage acne affects the “T-zone” of the face whereas with adult women it generally seems to affect the sides of the lower face and neck. Many women also seem to suffer with acne on the upper arms.

What causes Adult Onset acne? There are a few which are listed below:

Hormones play a very large part especially in women. Many women find they may have an acne breakout before and/or during their menstrual cycle, pregnancy and menopause may also be a factor. This is all due to the fluctuating hormones (which control oil production) at these times. For women who suffer with acne breakouts due to the fluctuating hormones during or before their periods treating the cause i.e. the hormones is the key treatment. To this effect some birth-control pills can help to control the acne.

Heredity is also a factor unfortunately so if someone in your family suffers or has suffered with an acne problem you are fairly likely to do the same. Oily skin types are also prone to acne and this is also hereditary.

Stress plays a huge part. When you are stressed your body produces stress hormones like cortisol which can stimulate the overproduction of oil thus leading to acne developing or worsening.


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